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Facade Conservation & Restoration

We are experienced in all forms of brickwork and stonework repointing techniques including 'English Tuck' and 'Irish Wigging' enabling us to carry out both restoration and conservation works - from localised repairs to complete masonry facade restoration. Many well intentioned restoration/conservation projects are let down by poor workmanship, even where the correct materials and techniques have been specified however our work methods and experience ensure that our work is completed to the highest possible standards and to the satisfaction of the client.

We also offer a range of other services which include-

  • Chemically cleaning of brickwork and stonework, including the removal of paint
  • Replacement of damaged bricks and minor structural repairs
  • Colour-washing brickwork and stonework for the purposes of ageing/blending
  • Granite steps and chimney repairs
  • Provision of reports/written opinions in connection with planning applications

We also place great emphasis on the aesthetics of our finished work. If a completed restoration/conservation project is not visually sympathetic to the building and the surrounding streetscape it may result in a garish and incongruous finish. Repointing works, carried out as part of a facade restoration, should complement rather than detract from the character and aged appearance of the surrounding brickwork and should not visually dominate the restored facade. Properly executed conservation/restoration projects can be both historically correct and aesthetically pleasing.

For details of our recent work please see our projects page.

Our Associations

Bacon Restoration Associate with Construction Industry FederationBacon Restoration Associate with The Building Limes ForumBacon Restoration Associate with Heritage Contractors