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Granite Steps & Chimney Repairs

Granite Steps

Traditionally the interior of raised granite steps was used for storage of coal etc. In the modern era this space has usually been adapted for other uses, e.g. a basement bathroom, storage etc., however, occasionally it can suffer from recurring damp problems. The proper repointing and weatherproofing of the exterior of steps can eliminate these damp problems and allow this valuable interior space to be put to good use.

Weatherproofing the exterior of the steps is of paramount importance as very often remedial works carried out to the interior will have a limited life span or, indeed, will be ineffective if the exterior of the steps is not properly weatherproofed.

The 'six-step' process used by Bacon Restorations, based on traditional methods and techniques, is guaranteed to weatherproof the exterior of steps, eliminate damp problems and allow the property owner to obtain maximum benefit from this valuable space.


Problems with chimneys may very often go unnoticed until the appearance of damp patches in upper bedroom walls or chimney breasts.

A number of factors can contribute to water entering a chimney stack/breast, causing dampness. These may include:-

  • Previous inappropriate repairs to the chimney brickwork and/or capping
  • Open pots/blocked flues where open fires are no longer used
  • Cracked capping due to the growth of vegetation or damage from the elements

Our thorough work method for the repair of chimneys is guaranteed to weatherproof the exterior of the chimney and provide lasting protection against the elements.

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